African Heritage Assembly postponed until Friday, March 6th at 11:00 am


PTA Family Skate…Take 2 this Thursday, Feb 26th at the Emera Oval 7pm. Free Hot Chocolate Coupons!


Wind Chill Protocol

imagesWind Chill Protocol – 2015

Community-Level Measurement of Developmental Health at School Entry for Primary Students

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School Closures

Who makes the decision to close schools during severe or inclement weather?

The Superintendent, or a designate, makes the final decision once the team in the field reports on conditions in each area. Based on that information, if it’’s safe to have students and staff on the roads and sidewalks, then schools will be open. If not, classes will be cancelled.

When is the decision made?

It is our goal to make the decision as close to 6:00 a.m. as possible.

How will I find out?

  • Check HRSB website at
  • Check St. Stephen’s School website at :
  • •Follow us on Twitter at
  • Call our information line at 902-464-INFO (4636)
  • Listen to your radio— (All local radio stations are informed)
  • • Sign up to receive e-mail or text message notification of cancellations (link)

Make sure you listen for either the Family of Schools name or the individual name of your child’’s school in cancellation announcements. Click here to find your Family of Schools.


Caribou Math Contest Site

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Registration Information for 2015-2016

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